Successful surgery held at Samleshwari Hospital


Jharsuguda: A Successful surgery was held at Samleshwari Hospital where a patient named Jogi Garuda (42yrs) of beherapat was suffering from Hydrocele for last few years. But initially due to financial constraint he had never seen doctor in this regard which in turn help this to grow larger and larger due to which he was unable to do any work. He finally sort help and got admitted in the Samleshwari Hospital near Bombay Chowk. The Size of the hydrocele had grown large but team of doctors under the guidance of Dr. Rabindra Pradhan of Samleshwari Hospital had successfully operated and removed 3 litres of fluid from it and had done a surgery. After which the patient Jogi Garuda was very happy for getting rid of this which had bothered him for last few years. He has been kept under observation at Samleshwari Hospital for some more days.