Puja goes green with eco-friendly pandals

Jharsuguda: As navratri festival has started to catch up with people of the Jharsuguda, various puja committees have decided to erect eco-friendly pandals in the Industrial Town.

Preparations for the nine-day festival, which began from Oct 5th, are in full swing. Artists from Kolkata, Bihar have also arrived in the city to give finishing touches to idols of the goddess.

The pandal of Town Durga Puja Committee will be eco-friendly. Siddharth Sarkar, working president of the committee said, “As this is our 64th year of this celebration, the decoration would be very similar type of in Bengal’s traditional Daker saaj which is a unique and typical artwork to decorate Devi Durga’s. Besides, artistes from Kolkata, Delhi and Ludhiana have been invited for a cultural programme.” He said that the puja pandal is being built with plywood and decoration is being done with baked clay which is environment friendly.

Shiv Shakti Puja Committee, Mangal Bazaar has also prepared an eco-friendly pandal.

Papu Sharma, member (Cashier) of Shiv Shakti Puja said, “Like last year where we had built pandal from bamboo sticks, this year also we have made entire Pandal by the rice hay. Additionally our decoration would base on Agriculture theme.”

Situated near to an IDCO Development Centre, Badmal Puja Committee has also decided to go green and has been making entire pandal with Jute. Shoukilal Sahu, President of this committee said, “We are constructing a temple built by Jute. The artist belongs to Midnapore, West Bengal. By making pandal from Jute, it is very cost effective and would it would cost around 3 Lakhs which is within our budget.”

Where as in Om Sri Puja Committee, Sarbahal has been building a Temple this year. Sudhanshu Purohit, President of this committee said that, “Our idol is being made by very good artist from Bhagalpur, Bihar. We would also have a Kedarnath Temple devastation Scene in front of the pandal to pay tribute to the people who lost thier lives.” He said that the committee would be building up 70 Feet high Ravaan Statute which would be one of the most important attractions this year.


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