BJP Rasta Roko in protest of Vedanta’s Coal Trucks Jams


Jharsuguda: Today morning around 7.30 a.m. Vedanatas Coal laden trucks had blocked entire SH-10 right from Badmal to OMP due to which people of Jharsuguda had to face a lot of problems. Not only Jharsuguda but this jam had stretched till 5Kms and reached till Gandhi Chowk, Brajrajnagar. People commuting in morning had very difficult times in getting through this Jam. Specially, Office goers and school going childrens stuck for several hours in this jam and several School Buses which came through SH-10 Highway also remained stuck in this jam for which students reached their school late. Additionally school Bus which was heading to St. Marys School carrying students from Bhusan Steel Plant had to leave the students back to their home due to this. Several Passenger Bus also stranded in this jam where many passengers also faced difficulties and got stuck for several hours. The Coal Laden trucks had blocked the road on both side due to which the movement remained stuck till 3 P. M.
BJP State Executive Member and Senior BJP Leader of Jharsuguda Dinesh Kumar Jain along with their party members Deepak Patel, Naresh Nayak had filed an FIR in BTM Police Station against Vedanta and protested at Buxi Chowk by holding a Rasta Roko in the morning.
According to the sources, usually at the month end Coal Transporter suppliers use to send all the Coal which is being ordered by the Vedanta because of Jams is bound to happen.
Vedanta PRO at Jharsuguda when contacted refused to comment in this issue.