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Bharat Bandh hits normal life of Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : The 12-hour bandh called by BJD & NDA to protest the steep hike in fuel prices today disrupted normal life across the Jharsuguda. Members and Supporters of BJD, BJP, KKD (Koshal Kranti Dal) had blocked roads and highways in several areas of Jharsuguda Goushala Chowk , Station Chowk , Bus stand, Kisan Chowk , B.T.M. , Buxi Chowk. Whole Jharsuguda was seen as total locked down by this. Public transport was hit and shops and business establishments remained shut in Jharsuguda.
BJD workers led by Tapas Ray Choudhary and Sandeep Awasthy had stopped trains at railway station, trains like Intercity and Tapswani Express along with goods train was stopped for an hour.
BJD workers had burnt the effigies of Prime Minister Man-Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi at Station Chowk and had shouted out slogans for immediately rolling back of the petrol prices.
Trinath Goel , G. Garnaik , Mukesh Tiwari , Dileshwar Rao, Prasanta Jena , Mehtab along with many other BJD workers were present at various places.
This Bandh which was also supported by BJP, Jharsuguda branch of BJP had also blocked the traffics in various places.
BJP State Member, Dinesh Kumar Jain said that “I want to thank all Jharsuguda people who had joined this protest and made it a success and I am surely expecting that in coming days seeing the kind of support in this Bharat Bandh UPA Government would cut down the raised price of petrol”
Anil Goel , Deepak Patel , Subhash sanghai , Vishal Bondia , Bablu Singh , Naresh Nayak along with many other BJP workers were seen protesting the Petrol Hikes


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