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OBC Leaders Demand Finalisation of Caste Census and Proportional Reservations

Brajarajnagar: The OBC Jana Jagran Yatra, a rally aimed at raising awareness about the rights of other backward classes (OBCs), culminated in Katapali Chowk after a grand motorcycle procession. State Youth Coordinator Radheshyam Padhan welcomed the rally, which started at the OBC stage, at Gandhi Chowk.

An awareness meeting was held in the village under the chairmanship of Biranchi Sahu, District Coordinator. The meeting commenced with a traditional musical welcome for the women of the village.

The State General Secretary of Manchha addressed the meeting first, calling upon both the state and central governments to officially recognise the caste census and implement proportional reservations in education, employment, and politics.

State President Shankar Patra, the chief guest at the event, emphasised the importance of OBC unity in achieving their rights and administered an oath to the participants.

Prominent speakers at the meeting, including State Treasurer Pardeshi Vishwala, D Town President Radhakant Padhan, Gopinath Behera, Khadar Samaj President Advocate Shashi Bhushan Patra, Vijay Behera, and Major OBC, reiterated that the 13th claim for reservation is an inalienable right of OBCs.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Tejram Pradhan. The host delivered a welcome speech at the beginning of the meeting, and senior forum leaders Gyanendra Behera and Tejerem Sahu played an active role in the proceedings.

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