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Biju Janata Dal Holds Janasamparka Padajatra in Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda: Biju Janata Dal (BJD) held a Janasamparka Padajatra in Jharsuguda constituency on Tuesday. The Janasamparka Padajatra was led by Jharsuguda MLA Deepali Das and covered Jharsuguda Municipal Council, Jharsuguda Block, Kolabira Block, Laikera Block, and Kirmira Block.

In the morning, the padajatra was held in Kolabira block, and in the evening, in Jharsuguda Municipal Council. A meeting was also held at Rautarai Garden.

Deepali Das and BJD members went door to door during the padajatra to inform residents about the development work that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been doing.

The MLA informed the people about Patnaik’s selfless work and people-oriented plans for the betterment and progress of the people of the state.

She said that CM Naveen Patnaik’s people-oriented work, clear thinking, and message of development have succeeded in binding all the people of the state in a thread of unity.

Under the leadership of CM, Odisha is passing one milestone of development in all fields like health, education, transport, communication, science, industry, and agriculture, Das said. She added that, under his leadership, this development will continue further.

Deepali said that under the leadership of the Chief Minister, the dream of the new Jharsuguda was fulfilled one by one by the development of education, health services, transportation, agriculture, drinking water supply, and sports in Jharsuguda district.

District President Ravi Singh, District Women President Rosalin Patel, Jharsuguda Municipal Chairperson Rani Hati, Tapas Roy Chowdhury, Raghumani Patel, Harish Ganatra, Pratap Nand, Pintu Padhee, Madan Hati, Gobind Singhania, Fupu Mohanty, Jay Prakash Kaur, Tussi Das, Chiranjeevi Pati, Robin Pandey, Satish Rao, Sarita Agarwal, Rinky Kor, Suryakanti Mahapatra, Navneet Kor, P Nageshwari Rao, Pushpanjali Panda, Nethrani Saha, Rajni Pandey, and Babli Sonkar were also present.

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