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Adv. Rama Rao hands memorandum to Jharsuguda MLA Dipali Das objecting to handover old DHH building for building Half Way Home for mentally Challenged persons

Jharsuguda: Locals in Jharsuguda has raised their voice against the decision of the district administration to hand over the old district hospital building for the establishment of Half Way Home for Mentally Challenged persons. The building, which is located in the heart of the town in Mangal Bazaar, was used as a COVID-19 hospital during the pandemic.

Advocate P. Ram Mohan Rao, who has written to the MLA of Jharsuguda, Sushree Dipali Das, said that the building should be used as a city hospital instead. He said that the people of Jharsuguda had been promised that the building would be developed into a modern city hospital.

Rao also said that there are other buildings that could be used as halfway home for mentally challenged people. He said that the old hospital building is a heritage building.

The MLA has assured the locals that she will take up the matter with the government.

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