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BJP Leaders Meet Rampur Coal Mining Sub-Divisional Area Officer to Discuss Rampur Colony Problems

Jharsuguda: A delegation of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders led by Brajarajnagar Mandal President Rukman Dhurua met with Rampur Coal Mining Sub-Divisional Area Officer (SDAO) on Friday to discuss the various problems faced by residents of Rampur Colony.

The leaders informed the SDAO about the lack of electricity, water, sanitation, and road infrastructure in the area. They also highlighted the poor condition of the roads and the lack of streetlights, which have made it difficult for residents to move around safely at night.

Dhurua requested that the SDAO take immediate steps to address these problems and ensure that they are resolved within 15 days. The SDAO assured the leaders that he would take the necessary action and that the problems would be resolved as soon as possible.

The delegation also included State Youth Vice Presidents Biswajit Sarangi, Chetan Singh, Saroj Sahu, and Rinki Singh. A sizable number of locals who were with them voiced their concerns about the dearth of basic amenities in the area.

The meeting was held in a constructive atmosphere, and the SDAO was receptive to the concerns raised by the leaders and residents. He assured them that he would take all necessary steps to address the problems and that he would keep them updated on the progress.

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