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Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik set to reshuffle council of ministers on Monday

Bhubaneswar: On Monday, as Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik meticulously prepares for the upcoming cabinet expansion, the entire state of Odisha eagerly awaits the announcement of the newly appointed ministers and the potential reshuffling of ministerial departments.

The Parliamentary Affairs Department has diligently initiated preparations, ensuring a seamless and well-organized process for this momentous occasion. The distinguished conference hall of Loka Seva Bhavan has been selected as the venue for the grand swearing-in ceremony, where the incoming ministers will formally assume their responsibilities.

With Chief Minister Patnaik’s phone remaining elusive, all eyes are focused on the eagerly anticipated cabinet expansion. Furthermore, the return of Governor Professor Ganeshi Lal from Haryana on Sunday at 8 p.m. adds an extra layer of significance to this eagerly anticipated event.

According to insider sources from the Parliamentary Affairs Department, the expansion is scheduled to commence promptly at 10 a.m. on Monday, potentially accompanied by a reshuffling of ministerial departments.

Recent political developments have set the stage for a significant cabinet expansion, with the resignation of the Speaker and two ministers, as well as the unfortunate demise of former minister Naba Kishore Das. These circumstances have resulted in three vacant positions within the cabinet, sparking widespread interest and speculation about the individuals who will be chosen by Chief Minister Patnaik to fill these crucial roles.

The brevity of some ministers’ tenures has further intensified the importance of these appointments, as the Chief Minister’s choices will be closely scrutinized by political observers and the public alike.

Following the cabinet expansion, attention will shift toward the election of a new Speaker, a role of immense responsibility and influence within the legislative framework. The selection of the new Speaker will be a decision of paramount importance, shaping the direction and dynamics of the legislative assembly.

The announcement of the cabinet expansion on Monday has prompted several Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to adjust their plans, with some cancelling their scheduled trips to Dubai. Despite the absence of direct flights from Dubai to Bhubaneswar on Sunday, these MLAs have taken proactive measures, securing alternative routes via Mumbai, Delhi, or other cities to ensure their presence for this highly anticipated event. This fervent response highlights the significance attached to the cabinet expansion and the genuine eagerness of MLAs to witness the unfolding of the new administration.

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