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Jharsuguda records 79.21% Voter turnout

Jharsuguda: In the recent by-election, the people of Jharsuguda braved the intense heat to cast their vote and participate in the democratic process. A total of nine candidates, including candidates from three major political parties who were contesting for the first time, vied for the seat. The fate of these candidates was secured in Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), and the results of the by-election are set to be announced on May 13.

The district administration has reported an impressive voter turnout of 79.21 percent in a total of 253 booths under the Jharsuguda constituency. While the voting period was scheduled to conclude at 6 pm, the process in some booths in the city was extended until 8 pm due to the heavy crowds. The officials ensured that every eligible voter had the opportunity to cast their vote.

Following the conclusion of the voting process, the EVMs and VVPAT machines were sealed and securely transported to the strong room located in the technical school. The strong room was placed under tight security measures and kept in the former 1 Platoon Police Force Security Zone to maintain its safety and integrity until the counting process begins.

The polling process commenced at 7 am on Wednesday.  The major political party candidates, including the BJP candidate, the BJD candidate, and the Congress candidate, cast their votes early on. It was uplifting to see the other six candidates also exercise their democratic rights to vote. The District Collector, Aboli Sunil Narwane, also cast her vote in booth number 98 in Behramal.

Despite a few minor incidents of violence in some booths, the polling process concluded peacefully. The successful completion of the by-election is a testament to the people of Jharsuguda’s determination to make their voices heard. We await the announcement of the results, which will represent the collective will of the people


To avoid heat and humid conditions, several people including women had lined up in queues and stood to cast their votes in huge numbers since morning. To encourage women voters, 26 pink booths were set up in different places of the Jharsuguda Assembly Constituency. Even 40 model polling station was set up with various facilities. Many student volunteers were deployed at various polling booths who were seen assisting the Senior citizen and other needy people. To beat the heatwave, sufficient arrangements were made including cold drinking water, Rasna Drinking, Juice and Shades in various polling booths. Women voters were welcomed with flowers at the pink booth, while Rasna and lemon juice were offered to voters outside the polling booths.  Besides, water was sprinkled on the voters to help them beat the scorching heat.

The district administration has made necessary arrangements for divyang voters. Volunteers have been engaged to carry the divyang voters on wheelchairs to the polling booths.

Many first-time voters were also seen who were excited to be a part of this democratic process and had given their votes for the first time.

“This is the first time I have come to cast my vote, it felt good that I am part of this democratic process. I have voted after seeing the candidates and their promises what they are making and if they will fulfill their promises or not. My experience was very good. I just want to say to other first-time voters that please think before you vote Choose the candidate based upon the promises they make and if they will really fulfill those promises or not.” Said Simran Thirani, MBA graduate, first-time voter, Marwari Para, Jharsuguda

“I am visually impaired; I am feeling very happy that I am part of this by-election. I have come along with my parents and when I went to cast my vote, the officials present their had helped us and put a color on my finger after that along with my parents had gone to cast my vote. As my mother is my faith, she put my finger on the button, and I pressed the key and voted, I didn’t know about the vote, I am feeling very good after casting my vote. I have voted for the candidate who will help us.”  Said Pritam Patra, a visually impaired youth of Beheramal, Ward No.11

“It is a festival of democracy and every person should participate in this. This time the arrangements were very good, especially for the senior citizens, we were assisted by the Police and other officials, and in a very less time and in a convenient manner I had casted my vote. On this hot climate, I was even offered water to drink in the polling booth, I would thank the Dist. administration for all the arrangements for voters.” Said Lalita Modi, age – 74 resident of Mishra cinema Road, Jhanda Chowk


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