Parties counting votes before Jharsuguda by-election; competition for second place intensifies

Jharsuguda: The Jharsuguda by-election is only two weeks away, and the three major political parties, namely the BJP, BJD, and Congress, are in fierce competition to attract voters and secure seats. However, it seems that the competition is not for the first place but for the second, as the parties have already started counting their votes.

BJP leaders are confident of winning the election. Party leaders and workers have devised strategies to secure the same or more votes than in the last general election.

The Congress camp is witnessing a decrease in the number of workers, and the district Congress leader is discussing ways to maintain the same number of votes as in the last election. Biju Janata Dal is trying to unite leaders and workers from other parties to avoid losing votes.

With the elections approaching, tensions are rising, and voters will consider party development, candidates, and issues before casting their votes on the 10th. The parties are struggling to explain their policies to uninformed voters.

Election preparation meetings have started, with senior leaders from Biju Janata Dal organizing workers in every village. BJP leaders are mobilizing workers in various locations, and Congress candidate Tarun Pandey has also emerged with his workers.

BJD candidate Deepali Das is showcasing the accomplishments of her late father’s work in every meeting and committee, urging everyone to vote for her.

The Jharsuguda by-election is a closely contested race between the three major political parties, and the outcome will depend on the voters’ preferences. The parties are leaving no stone unturned to attract voters and secure seats in this limited time.

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