Reunion program in Mission Ashalok


Jharsuguda: A mega reunion program has been held at Mission Ashalok, organized by the People’s Forum at Badmal in Jharsuguda District. Five mentally ill residents, who have been living for nearly two years, were sent to their homes on Wednesday in the presence of District Administration Officials. The beneficiaries were Anup Kisan aged about 24, of Bhalupatra village in Laikera area of ​​Jharsuguda District, who returned home after getting treatment from Mission Ashalok. He has been staying in the centre since May 5, 2020. He was released with his sister. Another person was Vidyadhar Kansarali aged about 53, of Kirimira village under Laikera police station, after treatment and care in the centre who was admitted by his family in May 2020. He was also taken home by his cousin Hutasan Buda. Similarly, Raju Naik age about 30, of Handatupar, another mentally ill person, has been staying here since last October 2021. Similarly, Jagdish Bagh age about 42, of Jorabhanga Muzabahal village in Belpahar area, has been getting treatment here since May 2020. After his recovery, his father Ghasia Bagh came and took him to their home. Mentally ill patients from other Districts, not just Jharsuguda District, are being treated here. Similarly, Binod Katihari age about 36, of Banjiberena village under Thelkoloi police station of Sambalpur District, has been getting treatment here since May 2020. His brother Manoj Katihari took him to their home. The Housing/Reunion program was attended by Additional District Magistrate Lankeshwar Amat, District Social Security Officer Smt. Gopalakshmi Hota, District Mineral Foundation Technical Manager Subrata Swain, Sub-Divisional Social Security Officer Smt. Pratibha Behera and Western Zone Head of People’s Forum Sanjay Jethy were presented and wished wellness and good mental health for them and wished for their bright future. District Administration Authorities said to their family members that they will provide the necessary help to all the persons. The Jharsuguda District Administration and the District Mineral Foundation have been working for the Rehabilitation Centre Mission Ashalok since 2018 for male persons with mental illness. In addition, with the help of the District Mineral Foundation, the Rehabilitation Center for Women, the Drug De-addiction Center and an Old Age Home has been operating for five years.