Elephants damages nine houses in Kolabira Block


Jharsuguda : Villagers of Kolabira block under Jharsuguda Districts are spending sleepless nights because of the Jumbo menace.

On Thursday night the tuskers have destroyed nine houses including 8 houses in Bhejikud Village under Kolabira Gram panchayat and one house in Kalibahal Village under Parmanpur Gram Panchayat under Kolabira block.

As per the report, on Thursday, four Tuskers had sneaked into the Kolabira block from the Bagedihi forest range into Parmanpur village and had damaged a house of one Basudev Kishan of Kalibahal village under Parmanpur G.P. and later the herd of tuskers had sneaked into Bhejikud village under Kolabira G.P. and destroyed nearly eight houses belonging to Prasanta Neti, Sushil Neti, Kailash Neti, Madan Bagar, Jayadev Rohidas, while minor damages have been done to three houses belonging to Avin Bagar, Damarudhar Neti and Raji Neti of Bhejikud Village.

“Last week also, a group of three elephants had sneaked into Parmanpur village, the whole night we were helping the forest team and had driven back into the jungle. Due to fear, we are not coming out from our houses during night time. The forest Department should provide Lights and other materials etc. to the villages which are prone to elephant menace often.” Said Sanat Singh, resident of Dandabudha Village under Kolabira Gram Panchayat

“It has become a regular problem for us as wild elephants come every year and destroys the house and eat the rice paddy stored in our houses. On Thursday four tuskers had entered our village at around 8.30 pm when local villagers and forest officials together had driven back the tuskers into the jungle.” Said Gunamani Pradhan, Sarpanch, Parmanpur Gram panchayat

Jharsuguda Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Lalit Kumar Patra said, “I have received information regarding the tuskers who had strayed into the Kolabira range from the Bagdehi forest range. However, our staff and elephant squads are working day and night under the supervision of range officer to minimize the damage to life and property. As per the latest information, there are no elephants in the Kolabira forest Range, the elephants which sneaked into Kolabira has moved into the Sambalpur Forest Division. Villagers whose houses are damaged will receive compensation as early as possible as per guidelines, subsequently, people can also use Anukampa mobile App for claiming their compassionate grant.”