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Jumbo damages several houses at Bidmal Village

Jharsuguda: Panic gripped at Bidmal Village in Kirmira Block on Tuesday late night, when a herd of three elephants had created a rampage and destroyed several houses after drinking tribal liquor Handia (local country made brew).

 According to the Jharsuguda Forest Range Officer Himanshu Shekar Muduli, These elephants, on Tuesday late night have crossed Railway Line near Bagdihi forest range and entered into the Jayantipara of Bidmal Village under Naxapali Panchayat of Kirmira Block.

 As per him, there was a marriage function in that village where in one Chadramani Kamar House, Handia (local country made brew) was prepared for the function. Due to the smell of this Handia  (local country made brew )  the elephants had entered his house first gulped down the drink and made merry at the cost of villagers. The herd damaged the house of Chandramani Kamar, Bhagrathi Pradhan and Subhash Pradhan, all resident of same hamlet. The herd also eaten rice and destroyed several bags of paddy kept within their houses.

 Jharsuguda DFO Ashwini Kar, “Presently the herd has left the place and has gone towards Kuchinda area through Kolabira. As per the complains received by the people, we are sending forester and Revenue officers for conducting preliminary enquiry and appropriate compensation would be given as per the Govt. rule.”


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