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Inmates of People’s Forum Jharsuguda Celebrate Holi with Guests and Staff

Jharsuguda : The spirit of Holi spread joy and camaraderie among the inmates of People’s Forum rehabilitation centers across the Jharsuguda district. These centres, including Mission Ashra-1 and 2 for mentally ill and destitute women, Mission Aashalok-I for mentally ill and destitute men, Mission Ashalok-II, an old age home, and a Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation center, resonated with festive cheer as staff and inmates joined in the celebrations.

District administration officials, NGOs, intellectuals, and media representatives graced the occasion, participating in the festivities and sharing moments of joy with the residents. Mrs. Pratibha Behera, Sub-divisional Social Security Officer of Jharsuguda District, visited Mission Ashalok-1, Badmal, as a guest, engaging in Holi celebrations and encouraging the inmates towards recovery.

Guests at Mission Ashra-1 and 2 included prominent figures like Mrs Kabita Panda, a leading educationalist and social worker, Mrs Mandkini Satpathy, a lecturer and poetess, and Mrs Sujata Mishra, the president of Ei Ta Jiban Samaj Sevi organization. Together, they added to the festive spirit, extending wishes for the residents’ well-being and longevity.

People’s Forum, committed to fostering a family-like atmosphere and enhancing mental health, regularly celebrates regional and national festivals across its affiliated institutions. Holi, a vibrant symbol of togetherness and renewal, brought moments of joy and solidarity to the hearts of all involved.


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