Jharsuguda : As preventive measures to check COVID19 cases in the district, the Jharsuguda district administration, has shut down the weekly market in all places in the district for three weeks with an aim to minimize the scope of congregation of local public.

Jharsuguda District Collector Saroj Kumar Samal had tweeted and informed through his tweeter account and stated that, “There will be no weekly hat in our district for coming three weeks. Daily markets at different locations dealing in vegetables and non-vegetarian food items will be dispersed over multiple locations. Requested to co-operate in furthering our fight against resurgence of COVID.”

While speaking to TOI, Jharsuguda District Collector Saroj Kumar Samal said, “The sole objective is to minimize the scope of the congregation, in our district. The Covid cases are under control, however, there are few cases, by which we can say yes it has re-surface in the district. We want to avoid the congregation. Time has come to avoid social interaction particular meeting, joining and large gathering etc. we are closing only the weekly market, that doesn’t mean that we are closing the daily market, the vendor who used to sit at one place in the weekly market can sit in distributed daily market, from tomorrow onwards, the daily market will be distributed into five different places so that the congregation won’t take place, even the small vendors who use to come on the weekly market they can sit in distributed places. The daily market will work in a segregated manner for all those edible items like vegetables and non-vegetarian items.”