Scrap thieves assault Brajrajnagar OPM Security Personnel


Brajrajnagar : Four Security personnels of Orient Paper Mill, Brajrajnagar, on Thursday night, were assaulted and beaten by Iron rod after they tried to stop Copper Scrap Thieves from committing theft inside the Factory premises under Brajrajnagar Police station limits

As per the complainant filed by one Gautam Tripathy, Security officer of Orient Paper Mill, On midnight of Thursday, four security personnels who were on duty were attacked by some miscreants after they entered inside the compound by scaling the boundary wall of the factory. There main motive was to commit theft from the store. They all were armed with lathis and iron rods etc. The Miscreants had fled away with Copper Cables of 5 Quintals.

On being warned by the security personnels, they assaulted the guards with iron rods, due to which Jhagdu Prasad and Sudarsan Sahu were seriously injured. They were immediately taken to MCL Central Hospital, after which they both where referred to VIMSAR, Burla for further Treatment.

Based on the complaint, Brajrajnagar Police has registered a complain and started its investigation.

Brajrajnagar IIC Nalita Modi said, As per the report given by the security officer of OPM, armed miscreants had assaulted the security officers by Iron rods due to which security officers sustained injuries and were admitted to Central Hospital, In this regard, we have lodged a case and started the investigation.