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A Group of Jharsuguda Youths collects Rs. 80,000 for the treatment of a baby suffering from rare diseases.

Jharsuguda: In a noble gesture, a group of youths and teenagers of OSAP 2n Battalion area came forward to raise funds for a child suffering from a rare neurological disorder.

The 11 months old child named Siyona Shrestha, a native of Nepal has been sufferings from Spinal Muscular atrophy, which is very rare, She requires a treatment which is very expensive. to fund the treatment, parents of Siyona Shrestha based in Kathmandu had seemed help through social media. 

Supporting this noble cause, a group of local teenagers, whose father are working in Odisha State Armed Police (OSAP 2nd Bn),  came across the Facebook post and had volunteered to help the little kid by collecting amount for the treatment.

20-year-old girl, Srijana Tamang, said, ” I came to know about Siyona through social media, where everyone shared her story and pleaded to help little Siyona when I saw I was moved and thought of doing something for her, immediately I posted the same message in my friend’s social media group and asked all my friends to come forward to help her. Then we and my other friends met together and decided to collect money for the treatment of Siyona. We started our fundraising from 31st October and till now have been able to collect around Rs. 80,000 from contribution from every person residing at Odisha State Armed Police 2nd Battalion (OSAP) area. Most of the youths of our area knew what we are doing due to social media but we had little difficulty in making understand to the senior citizens about the cause. After knowing the fact, they also came forwarded and helped us by contributing there share.”
” Our Aunty and Uncle have trusted us and helped us for which we could generate Rs. 80,000  funds, we are happy that we are able to contribute some amount for little baby Siyona. I want to thank every uncle and aunty who had helped us and in future also we would stand together to help anyone who is in need.” she added

Another teenager who is part of this campaign, Shivam Thapa,  said, ” Initially, We never know that if we could generate any sizeable amount but later when we went almost all the houses in our area, almost all had extended our help. Because of them, We are able to generate Rs 80,000, which we are planning to deposit in the account of baby Siyona.”

A local resident Tikka Ram, ” I initially saw a group of a youngster with a donation box in their hand going one house to another asking donation, when I enquired about what is the reason behind then I came to know that they are collecting the amount for helping a small child who is suffering from rare neurological disease. I think they are doing a great job at such an age and I hope everyone should come forward and support them.”    


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