Jharsuguda : 21 Participants of Odisha will represent India in Indonesia Open International Virtual Pencak Silat Tournament which started from 15th August 2020. This Virtual Tournament will end on 17th August 2020. In this Virtual International championship, 11 countries are taking part including 445 athletes in various age category Early, Pre-teen, Pre-junior, Senior category from Pencak silat association Odisha, going to take part in different games like Tunggal & Regu etc.
Here is the participant’s list, those who are to participate in Tunggal event

Girls category in Tungal event-:
1.Tapasiwini Nayak
2.Tanya Thakur
3.Mukta Hota
4.Nandita Thakur
5.Anika Singh
6.Muskan Burma

Boys category for Tunggal event-:

1.Amit Choudhary
2.Hardhik Sharma
3.Anish Sharma
4.Chinmay Rao
5.Shasikant Payal
6.Ansuman Kumar Chandravansi
7.Kunsh Kumar Purseth
8.Ansuman Bhowmick
9.Sourin munna
10.jyotirmaye Adhikari

In Regu event the participants are

In girls Pre- junior category-:
1.Tanya Thakur
2.Apekshya Rawat
3.Vidhi Rajput

In boys Pre-Teen category-:
1.Kunal Behera
2.Sai swastik
3.Rudra Yadav

In this championship Team coach lead by the general secretary of Pencak silat association Odisha Prem Singh Thapa & Team manager responsibility taken by Maari Naidu.