Jharsuguda : In a great gesture, Dilip Barik of Rourkela travelled over 100 km to Jharsuguda on Wednesday to donate his rarest of rare blood to save the life of a 39 year old woman of Jharsuguda.

Prabhasini Bhainsa, a resident of Uragarh Village in Jharsuguda was admitted to Jharsuguda District headquarter Hospital for fever since three month, after which it was known that  her life was in danger due to extreme low haemoglobin level.

Although she needed blood transfusion, it was not possible as her blood group was found to be ‘Bombay Group’ an extremely rare blood group.

As reported, the information of the blood requirement was passed on by Jitendra Sahu, in a Social media blood group, from where the members of young stars’ charitable trust’ Arabinda Barik, Rajesh Padhee and others had located Mr Barik, staying in Rourkela, after which they had contacted him.

Mr Barik immediately agreed to rush to Jharsuguda to donate his blood.

He reached the blood bank on Wednesday and donated the blood, which was immediately used to treat Smt. Prabhasini Bhaimsa.

Earlier also, Dilip  had travelled 500 km to save a woman’s life of Berhampur  who needed blood.