Stranded Monkeys rescued by the Forest Officials


Jharsuguda : Jharsuguda Forest officials on Thursday, rescued three out of five monkey who were stranded at a High Tension Power Transmission Tower due to rise in water level since two months, near Dumermunda Village under Jharsuguda.

As reported, these group of ten monkeys had sneaked into a High Tension Power Transmission Tower, near Dumermunda Village under Rampur Panchayat of Jharsuguda District and had been stranded more than two months due to rise in water level of IB river.

The ongoing fishermen and local villagers used to feed them with fruits and food as they could not rescue them. Even local villagers had tried to rescue the monkey’s on their boat but they were unable to bring them.

“These Monkeys have been trapped here more than two months, few have died and now only five monkeys have been left. We have been providing the food to them by travelling through a boat ” said Pabitra Majhi, a resident of Dumermunda village

“We tried to rescue them from that place but we were unsuccessful,” said Harihar Rai, a resident of Dumermunda Village

On Thursday, with the help of local villagers, the forest officials managed to rescued three monkeys from the High Tension Power Transmission Line Area and shifted them to a nearby place.

Jharsuguda Divisional Forest Officer Sushant Kumar said, “As reported around five monkeys were stranded under a High Tension Power Transmission Tower near Dumermunda Village for few days. The forest officials and range staffs of Jharsuguda had been trying their best to rescue them, on Thursday three monkeys were rescued and were left to a nearby open area. The other two monkeys are still on the tower, for which the forest staffs are trying their best to rescue them. “