Coal shortage hits OPGC, Unit 2 (210 MW) to shutdown from Sunday


Jharsuguda : Due to Coal shortage, the Odisha Power Generation Corporation (OPGC) which supplies around 1,740 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the State Power Grid from its IB Thermal Power Station (ITPS) at Banharpalli in the Jharsuguda will shut down its Unit -2 (210MW) of the power unit from Sunday evening.

As reported earlier, the coal stock at OPGC had reached the critical stage owning to the shortage of Coal. As per the OPGC officials, the plants daily coal consumption is between 24,000MT against which it is receiving about 10,000-12,000MT.

For Unit 3 and Unit 4 launched in July and August respectively, a coal block at Hemgir, Sundargarh District was allocated to Coal and Power Limited (OCPL), a joint venture of OPGC and Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC).

“But the railway line (47km approx.) connecting to the plant is not yet operational due to land acquisition problem at one place. Elsewhere the construction is in advance stage.” said Senior OPGC official

OPGC Spokesperson Dilip Panda said, “Due to coal shortage, we are forced to shut down Unit -2 (210MW) of OPGC -1 from Sunday evening. As there is no improvement of Coal supply from the Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL). So Unit 2 of OPGC -1 would be close down, Further, if there is no improvement of coal supplies in a few days then power production would hamper and which would result in power crises in the state.”