Jharsuguda: Hundreds of People of Katikela Village staged a demonstration at the Gate No.1 of Vedanta Aluminum Ltd. on Tuesday after a large tract of land got damaged due to breach in Ash Pond of Aluminum major on late on Monday evening.

Report Said, the incident took place on Monday night when the Vedanta’s Ash Pond No. 2, Wall collapse due to some reason and had washed away the wall and had submerged land around 150 acres near the Ash pond.

“Yesterday night, at around 9 p.m. we heard a noise and was in a panic state, they didn’t know what has happened, Then after seeing the Ash pond no.2 wall has been collapsed and it has covered our crops and even the ash has reached near our village. Around 200 acres of crops have been damaged even ash flew into river Bheden. We want that total Katikela village should be displaced from this place or else Ash pond should be closed completely. “said Smt. Anita Sahu, Sarpanch, Katikela Village

Jharsuguda Dist. Collector Bibhuti Bhusan Patnaik said that “We have four member team has been formed consisting of Dist. Agriculture Officer, Jharsuguda Tehsildar, Regional Officer of Pollution Control Board and Vice President of Vedanta. The Team will assess the damages of every owner of the land and the amount of compensation in consultation with the affected people. Secondly, the Jharsuguda Dist. administration has also instructed Pollution Control Board to initiate the appropriate proceeding. Thirdly, the Dist. administration has asked Vedanta to restore the embankment at the earliest.

The company spokesperson informed that “Yesterday, an unfortunate breach in the ash pond was reported, immediately all major were pressed in the control of the damage. However, spillage of ash in the adjoining area has happened. Initial assessment of the impact is being carried out. However, the company is committed to ensuring amicable solutions in consultation with community and Dist. Administration. We have offered all cooperation in this regard.”