INSPIRATION: From selling Samosa to becoming a Chartered Accountant

CA Sashi Kant Sharma

: With a spirit to never give up against all the odd and firmly moving ahead to achieve the set goal in all circumstances, a 27-year-old boy who assists his the elder brother, to sells snacks as a street vendor in Jharsuguda has achieved his dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Meet Sashi Kant Sharma, 27-year-old, a resident of Marwaripara in Jharsuguda have never thought that he could achieve his dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Hailing from a family which is not financially sound, Sharma had to really struggle to make his dream true.

Sharma, who is most literate among his siblings and his family has become the center of attention among the peers and neighbours after he cleared the exam for becoming Chartered Accountant.

Talking to TOI, Sharma Said, ” As my father is not able to help us due to some health problem, it was my elder brother who is looking after me and my family. He even left his studies and started selling snacks to make shit stall, being the youngest member I had my responsibilities to support my brother in the stall.  The income generated from this stall was the only source of income for my family and if I have become a CA just because of the contribution of income from this stall only. But simultaneously, I have also worked hard to clear this exam, I use to work in day and study at night time. It was all possible because of my family who supported me to achieve my goals. “

CA Sashi Kant Sharma with his elder brother

Initially, I had to face problems in the English language, as I came from a Hindi medium school, so I use to keep a dictionary near me and use to refer it always and later on I overcome this and finally I was able to grasp the English language properly.

He said,” After completing my +2 from commerce stream from Laxmi Narayan College, my Chartered Accountant teacher whose name is also CA Sashi Sharma asked me to pursue a carrier in CA, from then I also got interested and started working to achieve the goal of becoming a CA. Now I want to go to explore better opportunities, so as to provide a better standard of life to my family.”

According to 22year old, the key success was only working hard in all circumstances and managing the time between job and studies.

Proud of his younger brothers achievement, Manoj Sharma said,” At least from now onwards he would not sell Samosa along with me. I and my family members are very happy for his achievement as it was a distant dream for not only him but all family members to see him as a Chartered Accountant one day and finally, he has done it.