Childline foils Child Marriage and rescues the minor girl.


Jharsuguda: Timely intervention of Jharsuguda Childline officials foiled a Child marriage in Jharsuguda and rescued a 14 year old girl on Sunday.

Childline Co-coordinator Ashish Panda, ” A The 14-year-old minor girl, a resident of Bolangir was about to get married with a 24-year-old youth a resident of Belpahar. As per their Marriage Invitation card, the marriage was scheduled to take place on Sunday at Radha Krishna Temple at Junadihi , Belpahar.

On receiving this information, we, along with the help of Belpahar Police had first visited the Radha Krishna Temple of Belpahar, but the schedule marriage Venue was changed to another place, the marriage venue was changed from Belpahar to the groom’s uncle house situated at Bajrangpada in H. Kantapali, Jharsuguda.

However, after tracking the Mobile number of the groom’s father, we got the information about their location and with the help of B.T.M. Police officials, we had rescued the minor girl who was about to get married. In this incident, the youth and the family members of both the family had fled away from the spot.

We had rescued the minor girl and produced in-front of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and as per the CWC order, we have kept her in Shelter home till their parents arrive. “

The Minor Girl said, “My mother insisted to get married I was very interested in pursuing my studies but only after getting assurance from the boy’s family for allowing me to study further, I agreed otherwise, I would not have agreed to get married. As per my parents will, I accepted to get married. Marriage was fixed and was suppose to be held today but it got cancelled.”