Alert Railway Protection Force Constable averted major tragedy.


Jharsuguda : A major tragedy was averted due to alertness showed by a constable of Railway Protection Force, who had thrown the IED contained polythene bag which caught fire inside a coach of Train No. 13352, Alleppey- Dhanbad on wee hours of Friday.

Not aware about the presence of IED wrapped in a polythene bag, he had immediately put off the fire and had thrown the six improvised Explosive device (IED) from the coach of the train saving lives of the passenger of the Alleppey-Dhanbad Express.

The Railway Protection Force Constable, identified as Feroz Khan, had been patrolling at Jharsuguda Road Railway station on his duty time.

“While I was patrolling at 3:15 am, Train no. 13352 Alleppey-Dhanbad Express train had stopped at Jharsuguda Road Railway Station. When I reached near S-3 coach of the train, I heard the scream of passengers shouting. When I went near to window and had also seen the fire, I immediately entered the coach and found a fire was caught at a polythene bag and even someone chappal (Sleeper) had also caught fire. My first priority was to doze off the fire otherwise if the fire spread then it may catch fire to the materials present and it can spread too. So, I put off the fire with the help of my leg. But the fire in the polythene had not completely dozed, I immediately have thrown out of the coach. Subsequently, I pacified the panic passengers of the train and had told that nothing to worry they can continue their onward journey. When I searched the polythene bag, I found six bombs like structure. Then I had immediately altered my higher officials regarding this. The train had stopped at Jharsuguda Road Railway Station for around 20 Minutes.” said Feroz Khan