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Clouds plays hide and seek in Jharsuguda | Receives showers in some parts | People kept on staring sky in more expectation

Jharsuguda: Thinking of relief from the scorching heat, many people eyed on the clouds which crawled all over in sky today afternoon around 3 P.M. This brought smiles on many people but it also brought winds at a speed of 50 km per hour which stayed about half an hour by which whole Jharsuguda grappled inside a layer of dust and sand with plastic bags flying around. People got up from their home in expectation of having a glimpse for some shower and to get some relief from this pathetic heat. Children’s, who were locked up in their house and spending most of their summer holidays inside their home because of the heat they all came out playing and enjoying the weather It seems that they didn’t want to miss this opportunity . Roads which usually seem to be a deserted place after 12 – 6 P.M., witnessed many people who came out of their home, enjoying the cloudy weather.
But soon the this relief came to end as the winds which came in such pace started receding, people kept on staring the skies hoping of some showers but clouds sprinkled some showers in some parts. But many people were relieved of these clouds which covered the sky and giving some amount of relief to the people. People of this district are still waiting for the first good showers of relief from rain god.


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