Jharsuguda  : Gold ornaments worth Rs 42 lakh were snatched from Raipur-based Jinkusal jeweller’s employee Laxmi Narayan Sharma while he was travelling in Howarh-Mumbai Mail Express on wee hours of Sunday. Sharma reported the matter to Govt. Railway police Station the same day, but filed a complaint at evening after interevention of members of Jharsuguda Chamber of Commerce.
As per the complainant, The Victim Laxmi Narayan Sharma had boarded 12810 Howarh Mumbai Mail Express train from Kolkata to Raipur alongwith a bag containg Gold jewelleries worth 42 Lakhs. As his ticket was in waitinglist. He had boarded S7 Coach of the train and had been coming standing whole night. After the train left Jharsuguda railway station on Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m. , An unidentified man had snatched the Gold ornaments bag and had jumped off from the moving train. The victim inorder to grab his bag he too had jumped off the moving train.But the miscreant managed to flee from the spot.
The victim managed to reached the Jharsuguda Govt. Railway Police Station and had reported the matter but he was asked to come at 10 am to file a FIR about the incident. But after the intrevention of members of Jharsuguda Chamber of Commerce the FIR was filed in the evening.
Jharsuguda GRP Police has registered a complain and have been investigativng the matter.