Introduction of Two-bin waste segregation system by Jharsuguda Municipality


Jharsuguda:In a bid to improve the Sanitation in markets and across town Jharsuguda Municipality has installed Colour-coded dustbins near roads under the Swachh Bazaar Campaign.

Under the ‘Aamara Sahar, Amara Grav, Swachh Bazaar Campaign, a special cleanliness drive Jharsuguda Municipality has installed around 125 nos. of Twin-Coloured Dustbins for better segregation of waste and also for proper disposal of waste during the first phase of the Campaign. The total Budget for the installation of 500 such Dustbins is around 20 Lakhs. Additionally, there is another proposal worth 60 Lakhs for distribution of twin dustbins to 20,000 families of the Jharsuguda to encourage them to dump biodegradable waste, like vegetable/fruit peels, cooked food leftovers, egg shells, etc in green and non-biodegradable waste like plastic, paper, metal and other dry waste material in Blue dustbin.

Jharsuguda Municipality, Chairman Harish Ganatra said that “Our main aim of this project is to make Jharsuguda a Zero Garbage Town and for proper collection of garbage we have already introduced around 40 trolley rickshaw specially dedicated for the collection of this garbage.

Initially, the segregated garbage’s will be collected and dumped to the Kapumal Waste Dumping yard but to facilitate the proper disposal of Garbage we have recently got sanctioned from the Jharsuguda District Administration under District Mineral Fund for purchasing of three units of Kill Waste Fuel Free Solid Waste Disposal System and it would be installed under strategic location covering all the Wards of Jharsuguda Municipality. By this, it will help us to quickly dispose of around 3 to 4 tonnes of waste within 8 hours.”

“This is a good move by the municipality, earlier also municipality had provided dustbins at various location at Markets but at times the dustbins were overfilled with garbage and due to which the animals would hover near the garbage and would often topple down the entire stuff in search of food which led to scattering of garbage on the road creating problem for the commuters. There is need of timely garbage collection and most importantly awareness among the people is must and Municipality should look into this,” said Sanjay Agarwal, a Shopkeeper

“Earlier people use to dump their garbage at any places and were facing lots of problem in throwing their garbage’s but I think now they will get relief as many dustbins are installed. But just installing this dustbin would not help awareness among the people and proper collection of garbage from time to time is also important and I think municipality would look into this, ” said Ward No. 22 Councilor Pyarelal Srivastav

“There should be some mechanism of having security of the dustbin as the dustbins might be stolen by the miscreants, as earlier installed dustbins were taken by the miscreants and secondly there should be proper awareness campaign for everyone even the school children’s so the project would be a great success,” said Bhuvan Kishore Tiwari , resident of Jhanda Chowk

“It is helpful but we have to see how the public uses this facility. We the members of Barsitha Nagarik Sangh welcome this and would also extend the support to Municipality for creating the awareness programme of this project said Arjun Mor, Co-ordinator of Baristha Nagarik Sangh