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Good Samaritans : Hrudaya Sona – returns lost wallet to owner

Jharsuguda : Ritesh (34), a resident of Sarbahal, was dejected when he realised that he had lost his wallet on Saturday afternoon while having a cup of tea near Jharsuguda Collectorate – not only did the wallet hold Rs. 20,000 in cash, it also had his personal documents such as his PAN card and driving license. Assuming he had lost it all for good, Ritesh was in for a pleasant surprise, when the wallet found and returned, thanks to a 62 years old Good Samaritan.

“When I realised that I had lost my wallet, I thought that it would be near impossible to get it back, especially since it had so much money. However, I was proved completely wrong. This town still has honest people,” said Ritesh

Around 1:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, Ritesh, who was at near Jharsuguda Collectorate to meet someone and he accidentally dropped his wallet near the stall. By the time he realised it was missing, he had already reached home. He even retraced his steps to try and look for the wallet, to no luck.

Incredibly, the wallet, with its contents intact, was spotted by Hrudaya Sona (62), who happened to walk by a few hours later. “Around 1:30 pm on Saturday, I saw the wallet fallen on the road next to a tea stall. When I went closer to check, I noticed an open wallet with notes of Rs 2000 sticking out. First I looked nearby if some person might be looking worried, then I could return him then and there. I waited for some time but failed to notice anyone. Then I decided to go back to my office and took the wallet to my office and checked the wallet if I could find anything so that I could trace the owner,” said Hrudaya Sona, who works as Councillor of Jharsuguda Consumer Forum.

Inside the wallet, Hrudaya Sona found a receipt with the phone number along with the other documents.

“I found out the mobile number called and asked him whether he had lost anything. When he confirmed he had lost his wallet, we were sure he was the owner,” said Hrudaya Sona

My wallet contained important documents like my PAN card, along with Rs.20,000 in cash. I was more worried about losing my documents than the money.” he recalled.

“I was surprised to receive a call this afternoon. The person enquired about the lost wallet and asked me to meet him at his house situated at Biju Nagar. He handed over wallet all the things inside were intact. It’s good to see that such people still exist in today’s world,” Ritesh added gratefully.


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