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11KV Breaker System Damaged due to fire, Jharsuguda Plunges into Dark

Jharsuguda : Most of the areas of Jharsuguda plunged into the darkness since Morning 1 a.m. due to fire at one of the Oldest 11KV Breaker System of WESCO Jharsuguda at Sarasmal Power Station on Thursday.

As per the sources, the 11KV Breaker System had caught fire due to short circuit at 12:40 pm and had damaged the whole 11KV unit due to which areas like Sarbahal , Debadihi , Badeimunda, Bhuliatikira, Buromal, Some areas of Purnabasti, Bustand, Beheramal, Railway Colony had to live in Darkness.

OPTCL and WESCO Officials had immediately rushed to the Power Station and dozed off the fire but the whole system got damaged which is un-repairable. As the 11KV Breaker system was one of the oldest was scheduled to be upgraded shortly.

OPTCL GM Sudipta Sengupta Said that “We got the information of this at night and had reached the spot by 2 a.m. to rectify it . We have been working since morning to restore the power first. As this unit was one of the oldest units and within few days we were planning to upgrade this unit to 33KV in a new terminal. we are on work to restore the power immediately. we are charging the power within an hour but it is up to WESCO officials to check the line and give the power supply as per their system.”

“We cannot tell you the exact amount of loss due to this damage, as the system was old and outdated” He added. In this regard, the WESCO officials have not given their comments.


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