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Two workers injured, 2 critical in a Boiler Blast

Jharsuguda: Four workers were injured at SMC Power Generation Ltd located at Hirma, when one of its boiler Unit blasted off on Thursday morning.

According to the Sources, around 10.30 A.M. in the morning, one of its Boiler Reduction Unit blasted off due to which the labourers working underneath were injured severely. Shyam Sunder Singh (40) of Malda, Chandrashkhar Majhi (55) of Debadihi, Sevak Koudi (40) of Kumhari and Radha Raman (25) of Hirma have sustained burn injuries.  Among these four, two of them Sevak and Raman have been sustain nearly 50-60% burns and are said to be in a critical condition. They have been referred to IGH Rourkela for further treatment.

Soon after the incident, the plant workers had stopped their work and were protesting the incident and blaming the company management for not providing any safety measures for the workers. They also demanded that company should bear all the medical expenses for the injured till they resume their work.

SMC Company’s Senior DGM HR, S.B. Sharma said that, “It was an unfortunate incident happened, we have sent all the four injured to IGH Rourkela for treatment at priority, we always carry Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) and Safe Maintenance Procedure (SMP) and take all safety measures. As per the demand of workers, company would provide best treatment to the injured whatever available till the workers resume their work.”


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