Not Happy with Vedanta’s contribution towards CSR activities : Dr. Alekh Chandra Padhiary – RDC (N.D.)

Jharsuguda: Almost after an Year, RPDC meeting took place at Jharsuguda DRDA Conference Hall where RDC Dr. Alekh Chandra Padhiary, (N.D) along with Brajrajnagar MLA Anup Sai & Jharsuguda MLA Naba Kishore Das , along with  several other Officials from MCL and Vedanta were present in the meeting.

This Meeting happened in two sessions, in first Session, RDC took a review of MCL where Brajrajnagar MLA Anup Sai and officials from MCL were present in this meeting.

In Second sessions which started at 4 P.M., it was attended by Vedanta Aluminum’s COO Abhijit Pati along with Jharsuguda MLA Naba Kishore Das, M.P. Sanjay Bhoi, Tapas Ray Choudhary (Ex- Chairman). The Meeting started with the review of CSR activities done by the Vedanta in the district. However, RDC Dr. Alekh Chandra Padhiary had notified Vedanta for its low percentage on the local employment where it had showed just 67 percent of Skilled and Semi Skilled employees where in according to the norms by the government the percentage of local employment in Semi skilled and skilled category it should  have 90% of local recruitment.

In this meeting many land loser who were displaced due to this project were also present in this meeting and had put in their various problems like no proper compensation and no proper facilities being provided by the company.

Looking in the matter Dr. Alekh Chandra Padhiary RDC have ordered all the members present in the Meeting along with the members from displaced families to submit a proposal to the Collector within seven days where in after the review of these proposal from members as well as the family , the projects would be taken for the district.

RDC has even asked Vedanta to increase the amount for the infrastructural development for the district.

On the other context Vedanta COO Abhijit Pati has said that “Vedanta have invested around 40,000 cr. in Odisha & the only success of this plant is bauxite even Chairman of Vedanta Anil Agarwal had met Odisha CM Naveen Pattnaik last week and has got positive assurance from CM side that he would certainly look into it.

As Vedanta, we are determined for the development and last 4 years company is being loss tune of 2500 Cr. per year and still Vedanta has been spending money under the banner of CSR. But you know without money nothing is possible. We are into business. So, today we have submitted an appeal through RDC (N.D.), MP, MLA and all the members present in this meeting and have urged to please save this industry, if our industry is saved and if the bauxite is given from Odisha to Lanjigarh then you will see the development of the district. We are committed and we will do that.

CSR activities would not stop as we have company here but the amount of money spent might not be same as before for the CSR. There might be a set back on it.  The recruitment process which was being done earlier is being closed as if now. But it is certainly not that CSR activities will be closed totally.

RDC Dr. Alekh Chandra Padhiary said that “I am not so happy with the ongoing CSR activities of Vedanta Aluminum. I have proposed them to increase the amount for the development and I am sure that they would surely fulfill it. However, Vedanta officials have given an appeal for the ongoing crisis of Vedanta which should be addressed.

We have asked Vedanta for supporting some infrastructural project. In today meeting seven days time is being given to the displaced family members along with the members present in the meeting to submit the proposal and after reviewing it we would finalize the projects to be taken up.

However the Vedanta has given assurance for increasing the Local employment wherin according to the norms of government skilled and semi skilled employment should be 90% and skilled employment should be 60% and if it is not being followed then we would see.

After that Vedanta wants that the problem of bauxite should be addressed on the Government level as it is very top official level discussion where in even central Govt. is involved so , in that context I just wish that Whatever early decisions is taken  we would be happy.

Jharsuguda MLA Naba Kishore Das said that “I would like to tell you all one thing that Govt. has only brought industries to Jharsuguda but the Government has not taken any strong steps for CSR and Periphery development.

We being on opposition, we have always raised these issues in RPDC meeting but till now the development of Jharsuguda has not been done yet.

But I would also like to notify that, if Vedanta would not spend money for the establishment of Bus Stand and other infrastructural development then as a MLA, I know the tactics how to get things done. We have single point agenda that how the people would be benefitted if industry would not comply with that then our stand will be aggressive. Our stand is for the public and not for the industries and not for our personal Concern.”


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