Vedanta’s Security Quick Reaction Team rescues 65 Lives from Flashflood

The memory of the night of 15th August, 2012 will never fade from the lives of 65 helpless laborers who almost assigned themselves to destiny and lost all hope when they were trapped in their dwelling amidst alarmingly rising flashflood water due to incessant rain in Jharsuguda. Around midnight, near to Vedanta’s presence, the labour accommodation of L&T in Brundamal Village was overwhelmed by the gushing rainwater and caught the sleeping laborers by surprise. With heavy downpour continuing throughout the night and frightening flow of water, the labours could not muster enough courage to step out to safety. The situation was grim and alarmingly dangerous with no option but to wait for help with a fear for the worst.

At the nick of the time as a response to the situation, a nearby QRT(Quick Reaction Team of Vedanta’s Security) team which was patrolling inside the plant Premises on information, wasted no time and rushed to the spot at around 2 AM and started rescuing the people by reaching out to them over swelling waters. Led by Vedanta’s security officer Mr. Birendra Tiwari , the team kept on motivating and bringing people to safety and in two hours’ time they managed to pull all 65 people to safety before the house finally was submerged by water. The timely evacuation and a motivated effort not only saved lives but also have augured a new relationship of confidence, trust and bonding among the rescuers and the rescued. The incident has brought commendation and praise from all corners in the community especially from the site workers engaged with the partner companies and the feeling was correctly echoed by one of the site workers who said “I always believed them to be tough guys negotiating difficult issues but today I saw them helping us out and felt that they have a big heart too.’


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