Juvenile Caught for steeling Rs. 2 Lakhs rupees kept inside the bikes dicky


Jharsuguda : A Juvenile Criminal was caught steeling Rs. 2 Lakhs rupees red handed kept inside the bike’s dicky. Later he was thrashed by the public and handed over to the police.
According to the sources, this incident took place at Bus stand where Mr. Bhaskar Digar an employee with Assembly of God School had just withdrawn Rs. 2 Lakhs rupees from Andhra Bank and had stopped at Javed Fruit stall for purchasing Bread. As soon as he purchased and kept the belongings inside bikes dicky and was taking out his purse to pay the fruit vendor. Suddenly he saw this culprit of age in between 14-15 had taken away the money from the bike and was walking off. Bhaskar chased that boy who was later joined by local public too. This boy named had managed to flee away the spot and washidingunder a small pathway next to a house which was later noticed by the public and was caught.

The local public had thrashed him badly and handed over to the Bus stand police station.After a brief interrogation, it was reveled that he can’t understand Hindi / Oriya . His name is P. Ajay Devasaya and belongs from Kazipet of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. However Police is suspecting some big gang to be behind this type of money lifting cases.

OIC U.S. Maharana of on Police Station had urged local public andindustrialhouse to be more cautious while visiting the banks and have ask to take safety measures in handling the cash and not keep in unsafe places like bike’s dicky etc.