Orissa Colliery Mazdoor Sangh forces MCL to stops its lifting of coal from the stockyard of Mines no. 2, 3, 4


Jharsuguda : Today , the members of Orissa Colliery Mazdoor Sangh had forcefully stopped the MCL authority to lift the coals from their stockyard which was taken away for the selling purpose from the Mines No. 2, 3, 4 which are the under mining unit of MCL. The Sangh has been demanding for an early opening of mines as more than 1 lakh workers are now lying stranded without jobs.

Alok Panda, member of OCMS have told that the for the negligence of the Company, more than 1 lakh Mazdoor of this area are now lying stranded without jobs. He also added that, The Company has sited, that the coal which are lying in the stockyard will degrade and even it may caught fire sight these all excuse they have got an approval by the Deputy Director of Mines to lift the coal for selling purpose.

According to the sources, approx 70,000 tons of coal in total are piled up in the stockyard where Mine No. 2 contains 17,000 tons of coal, Mine no. 3 contains 50,000 and Mine no. 4 contains 3.700 tons of coal are in the stockyard.

We have closed the lifting of coals as if now and wont allow any lifting from the stockyard till the mines are not opened said by Mr. Panu Shetty of OCMS

However, Rajeev Kumar, the Sub Area Manager of MCL have told that the quality of coal which is lying in the stock yard would be degraded if kept for long time and there is chance of fire for which it was being asked to sell the coal.