5 Lacs looted within fraction of seconds from a Santro Car near DAV Primary School , Beware of mind-diverters


Jharsuguda: Today around 2.30 p.m. five lacs rupees were looted from a Santro car near IDBI bank by diverting minds of the driver and the cashier who were bringing this cash for paying their employee. This incident took place just near to DAV Primary School opposite near IDBI bank. This money was withdrawn from Commercial Branch of SBI situated near Over bridge and was going to their plant site in Vedanta Aluminum Plant.

According to the Mr. Krishna Dev Sharma, the cashier of a engineering firm Shree Rajendra Engineering Enterprises had withdrawn money from the commercial branch of SBI near over bridge and was going to their office but on the way their Santro car got punctured near the DAV primary School.

For safety measures Mr. Krishna had taken the whole amount which was in a bag along with him inside the IDBI bank premises and asked his driver to get an replacement from the their companys office soon a replacement had arrived in another car and later was changed.

After changing the tyres, the driver had asked Mr. Krishna to wash his hands after that they sat inside the car but one unidentified man who was passing by had told that something has been leaking from the cars bonnet. So both the person had got off from the car to check it and while they had opened the cars bonnet to checked, the Cash Bag which was containing 5 Lacs was looted within fraction of seconds.

It was also found that a biscuit paste was stuck on Mr. Krishna Shirt from behind. Soon the Police were informed about the incident. Acting on this Police had arrived swiftly and started investigation Inspector Swain, IO in this case had rounded up few people in this case, the car driver along with other few peoples has been questioned regarding this.

According to the police records , Similar incident had taken place on 11th Sept. 2012, when 49,000 cash which was in a bag was taken away from an employer of Arun Jain when he was having a small refreshment at Hotel Trupati. He was also a victim of this type of Biscuit paste where he was notified by some unidentified man about the paste and he went for washing his shirt when his bag was lifted from the spot.

While Police is suspecting involvement of some interstate gang operating in the district. Police Administration has requested all the people and the corporate houses to be more safe and cautious while handling cash to and from the banks. Usually peoples who are visiting banks are the main target of such miscreants so it is advised that every individual should take extra precaution and be alert about the mind diverters who are present and try to take advantage.