BLACK DIAMOND Engineering Students Outperforms in Tech fest held in IIT Guwahati , Wons First prize in Robotic Competition “Libraria”

Jharsuguda : Their passion for robots and machines is not restricted to winning awards for their group in country’s most prestigious technical fest Techno Management Festival of IIT Guwahati. This group of Black Diamond Engineering college has been fanatic about machines and robots. The Team from a small town Jharsuguda have proved that they are never behind in any field of competition.

Having named themselves “REDLINE”, this group of students from mechanical stream are 20 “Technic” champions and have hardly given a skip to any State & national level coveted event in robot category.
Narrating his curiosity for gadgets, Navin Agarwal, a member of the group says, “I was always fanatic about the machines and gadgets and wonder if I can control gadgets like a videogame. Such instincts had drawn me towards robotics.” Another team member Srusti Sriya Mohanty adds, “We had been participating in all completion held in state & national level and won prizes in almost all, by winning in country’s prestigious Techno Management Festival at IIT Guhawati, it has pumped our motivation to a great height.”
The team won a many prizes in State and National level competitions held like second prize in VSSUT Burla in the event name “Space Rider” where the robot is rode between two iron rod and has to pick the blocks, again won first and second prizes both in IACR Rayagada in the event “Robo Soccer” where two teams of robot has to play football match, again won first prize in CUTM Bhubaneswar in the event “Robo Soccer”, next won second prize in two events in “Robo Race” and “Robo war” in Kist college Bhubaneswar, this year where the team competed with several other engineering teams in India.
“Our team competed with more than 65 teams all over India and stood first and third in the event “Libraria” where a robot has to work like an librarian and arrange the small cubes of books gathered here and there in a proper shelf and “Segagre” where the robot has to ride over a belt which is rolling and keep the cubes in a proper place. It had been a memorable experience and with each passing event, we have become technically sounder,” says, captain of the team, Mr. Siddharth Shah
Taking about how they have been making improvements in their robot with each passing event, Biswa Bhusan Pradhan, a group member, says, “By participating in these all Techno-fest we have been educating ourselves on how to improve our robot.”
“We are still striving hard to perform better and to practice well. For this, we participate in state level events also to keep ourselves updated,” says Ayush Singh
“We work on a small level and don’t even have so much of facilities as the team like other colleges like IIT’s. Thats why this was the great achievement for us. Hope the students get inspired from this and never think inferior from others” says Soumya Sarthi Patra
Among other Team members where Mithlesh Sahoo, Kanhaya Kumar, Dheeraj Roy, Amit Jumar Sahu, Anima Patel , Suraj Nayak , Pourav Meher , Sunil Tofno , Binod Kumar Rai , Khadija Sajda Khanam, Swagat Naik SUmeet Singh , Ravi Shankar , Manisha Chachan and Raju. Whole team is now days busy with their preparation to take part in forthcoming competition at Berhampur MIST College and IIT Kharagpur Tech Fest Kshitij.


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