Red Banners creates panic in Jharsuguda


Jharsuguda 3rd August 2012: Two red banners which were found at two different location of Jharsuguda created panic among the public in the morning around 8 A.M. These two banners which were red in colour and were found at Sarbahal Durga Mandap and other at Man Mohan ME School Ground. Both resembled as they were written by Maoist outfits. These banners were being written in Hindi as well as in Oriya with help of automobile oil.
Among these banners, Oriya Banner states that coming August 15 will be celebrated as Black Day and has threatened to Kill Politicians, administration and Vedanta Officer who dont want Jharsugudas development. – Lal Salam
In other banner which was being written in Hindi, most of the letters were smudges and were hardly readable, which also states the same thing except one difference found that here it was specifically has mentioned MLA, Collector and Vedanta Suri.
On information, Jharsuguda Town OIC Uma Shankar Maharana rushed with his team and has seized these banners and has started its investigation.
Speaking to the Press OIC Mr. Uma Shankar Maharana told that, as there is no such evidence of activities of naxals inside the district. So, its being presumed that this would be more likely to be a job of some local anti social elements. However, Police Department has taken up this matter very seriously and is being seriously looking into it whether these have any links with any Maoist outfits or not.