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TEAM SAVE Submits Memorandum to Enhance Veterinary Services in Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : Members of the social organization TEAM SAVE have submitted a memorandum to the Jharsuguda Chief District Veterinary Officer, urging for enhanced veterinary services in the region. The objective is to ensure the well-being of animals and support the efforts of social welfare trusts involved in cattle service.

The memorandum outlines several key requests aimed at improving the veterinary infrastructure and services in Jharsuguda:

1. Provide well-trained and qualified veterinary service cadres to deliver quality care.
2. Ensure sufficient veterinary staff for 24×7 services, enabling prompt attention to animal health issues.
3. Make available all necessary medications to treat animals urgently, avoiding delays in treatment.
4. Collaborate with social welfare trusts involved in cattle service, fostering a cooperative environment.
5. Introduce mobile ambulance treatment facilities to reach remote areas and provide on-the-spot care.


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