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TEAM SAVE JHARSUGUDA Provides Relief from Rising Temperatures with Dahi Pani Distribution

Jharsuguda : As the mercury soared, bringing with it sweltering heat, residents of Jharsuguda found respite in a thoughtful gesture by TEAM SAVE JHARSUGUDA. With industrialization contributing to the city’s escalating temperatures, concerns about heat-related discomfort grew palpable. In response, members of the social organization took proactive steps to alleviate the heat’s impact on the community.

On May 4th, 2024, at Badheimunda Chowk in Jharsuguda, TEAM SAVE JHARSUGUDA organized a Dahi Pani distribution drive. The initiative aimed to provide relief to individuals braving the scorching heat while going about their daily routines. Volunteers distributed refreshing curd water, a traditional summer cooler known for its hydrating properties, to passersby and commuters.

In addition to offering immediate relief, the team members also emphasized the importance of taking precautions during hot weather. They encouraged people to venture outdoors only when necessary and to prioritize staying hydrated by consuming ample amounts of water. Such advice becomes crucial, especially during periods of extreme heat, to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

The Dahi Pani distribution witnessed active participation from dedicated team members such as Vinay Rajak, Ajit Majhi, Anoop Maharana, Baikunth Dhurua, Badal Meher, Dipesh Kauri, Gopal Pradhan, Ajay Pradhan, Ramesh Karta, Vasudev Pradhan, Subham Keshri, Laxman Toppo, Shravan Sahu, Sohan Meher, Vicky Nayak, and others. Their collective efforts reflected a community-driven approach to addressing common challenges and promoting


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