National Seminar at Laxminarayan College Jharsuguda Explores English Studies in Undergraduate Classrooms

Jharsuguda, February 28, 2024 – In a commendable collaborative effort between the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and the Department of English at Laxminarayan College Jharsuguda, a national seminar titled “English Studies in Undergraduate Classrooms in India: Theory and Praxis” was hosted on February 27, 2024.

Distinguished speakers graced the occasion, with Prof Rangana Banerjee from Kolkata University and Prof Alok Chandra from Patna delivering insightful keynote addresses. The inaugural session, chaired by Prof Balvinder Kaur, included a warm welcome address by Principal Dr Snehalata Mishra. Prof Purnimamayee Dash eloquently presented the seminar’s overarching theme. NAAC Coordinator Dr. Swarnamayee Purohit efficiently coordinated the event, and the ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by IQAC Coordinator Prof Tapan Kumar Barik.

The technical session was marked by vibrant discussions, featuring prominent figures such as Prof Sarat Kumar Dubey, Prof Lal Yudhistir Saiseo, Prof Lalit Mohan Dash, Prof Daitari Patel, Prof Susebj Giri, Prof Anupam, Prof Ajay Deep, Prof Rajendra Rana, and Prof Vishaka Singhania. Prof S.T.Giri, Prof Rohini Buxla, and Prof Samual Pradhan skillfully coordinated the technical discussions. Organizing secretary Dr Swarnamayee Purohit expressed gratitude to all participants, emphasizing their invaluable contributions to the seminar’s success.

The seminar provided a platform for educators and scholars to delve into the intricacies of English Studies in the context of undergraduate classrooms in India. The insightful deliberations aimed to bridge theory and praxis, fostering a deeper understanding of effective teaching methodologies and curriculum development in the field of English Studies.

The collaborative effort between IQAC and the Department of English at Laxminarayan College Jharsuguda exemplifies the institution’s commitment to promoting academic discourse and advancing the quality of education. Such initiatives contribute significantly to the intellectual growth of both faculty and students, ultimately enriching the academic landscape.


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