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Jharsuguda Women’s College Organises Training Camp on Ground Water Management and Development

Jharsuguda: A one-day Training on the exploration and advancement of groundwater resources was orchestrated at Jharsuguda Women’s College in partnership with Rajiv Gandhi National Groundwater Research and Training Institute, Raipur, and Central Groundwater Council, South Eastern Region, Bhubaneswar, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India.

The event was orchestrated under the guidance of college principal Dr. Saroj Kumar Kuanar. Sudanshu Kumar Mohanty, researcher, Central Ground Water Council, South East Region, Bhubaneswar, Ministry of Jal Shakti, underscored the requirement for instruction.

The training program encompassed a range of subjects pertaining to groundwater administration, such as aquifer profiling, water preservation techniques, groundwater replenishment methods, groundwater quality evaluation, and legal frameworks for water resource management. The participating students, including water resources engineers, hydrologists, and environmental scientists, reaped the benefits of hands-on sessions and lively discussions.

In his address to the teaching initiative, the college principal, Dr. Saroj Kumar Kuanar, stressed the role of trainees in fostering sustainable water management and averting groundwater depletion. He stated that groundwater administration is a crucial aspect of guaranteeing water security for the current and upcoming generations.

The training program saw extensive participation from various government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private enterprises. The collaboration between these entities epitomizes a collective endeavor to tackle issues related to groundwater depletion and advocate for sustainable water management practices.

Participants lauded the opportunity to augment their understanding of groundwater administration. According to the attendees, the training program proved highly enlightening and invaluable.

The triumph of this training program hints at the potential for similar initiatives in other regions grappling with groundwater challenges.

All the educators, students of the college, and farmers from the vicinity also partook in this development program and received insights into groundwater exploration and conservation.

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