Jharsuguda Municipality issues advisory to curb stray Cattle Menace on the roads

Jharsuguda : To curb the stray cattle menace in the industrial town, Jharsuguda, the Jharsuguda Municipality has issued an advisory to the Cattle owners who leave their cattle on the road, which results in road blockage and difficulty for the commuters to travel.

As per the advisory, Jharsuguda Municipality has requested the cattle owners through mic announcement not to leave the cattle on the road, due to which several small and big accidents are taking place on a regular basis. Subsequently, they told that Jharsuguda Municipality will launch a drive in which, they will detain the cattle and will distribute those cattle among the needy poor farmers and the cattle owners will also lose their ownership.”

The problem complicates during the rainy season, as the cattle find the dry spot and come and sit in the middle of roads which cause lots of inconvenience to the commuters. As commuters have been reported for frequent accidents and getting injured. Especially at night, when the animals are not seen at all due to their black color.

Jharsuguda Municipality Executive Officer Manoj Tandi said, “Seeing the stray cattle roaming around the town, we have initiated this drive and have set a deadline of 15th August to make the roads free from stray cattle.”



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