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Pangolin Found in Pond, Rescued by Forest Department

Jharsuguda: A pangolin was rescued from the Kadobahal Bhutpada area of the Bagedihi Forest in Jharsuguda district on Sunday.

The pangolin was found by people from Bhutpada who were catching fish in the rain late at night. The people saw the pangolin near the pond and caught it, bringing it home.

Forester Budhuram Rohidas was in the area with an elephant drive squad, as elephants had been moving near the village. When Rohidas was informed about the pangolin, he and his team rescued the animal.

The pangolin is estimated to weigh between 5 and 7 kilograms. Rohidas said that the pangolin will be given first aid and then released back into the forest in consultation with forest department officials.

Pangolins are endangered animals, and their rescue is a positive development. This incident highlights the importance of awareness about these animals and the need to protect them.

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