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Fresh western disturbance to start from mid-night, untill the 26th

Bhubanewar: The Bhubaneswar Regional Meteorological Center says that there is a chance that another western disturbance will start today, since the one that was going on in the state has stopped. As a result of this, there is a possibility of rain in the state from tonight until the 26th, Umashkanar Das, a meteorologist at the Bhubaneswar Regional Meteorological Centre, informed.

Das said, there is a possibility of another western storm becoming active in the state today. Due to this, rain is likely to occur in some districts of the state starting tonight.

Similarly, light to moderate rain is likely to occur in one or two districts of interior Odisha on the 25th. On the 26th, rain is likely to occur in some parts of coastal Odisha, north Odisha, and coastal interior Odisha.

It is to be noted that two days ago, due to the influence of western disturbance, there was rain, wind, and hailrain in the state. Due to rain, wind, and hail, the crops were affected.

Households were destroyed due to the rock fall. However, as the meteorological centre has predicted that another cyclone will be active in the state today, the farmers have become worried.

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