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Jharsuguda MLA Deepali Das Inaugurates City Bus Service

Jharsuguda: Jharsuguda MLA Ms. Deepali Das has inaugurated a new city bus service that will benefit employees of Vedanta Company, residents of Katikela, Bus Stand, Behramal, and people coming to the city for various jobs, and the families of patients.

The bus will leave Katikela Stoppage at 5:30 am and reach District Head Hospital, Ardamal at 7 am via Vedanta, Sarbahal, Station Street, and Bus Stand, Behramal. Another bus will leave the District Hospital at 6 am and reach Katikela at 7:30 am, returning on the same route. A third bus will leave Katikela at 3:30 pm and reach the district hospital at 5 pm.

The city bus service has been launched with the cooperation of the district administration and Vedanta Ltd. MLA Deepali Das expressed hope that the service will benefit the people of Jharsuguda.

The bus service is a welcome addition to Jharsuguda, as it will provide a more affordable and convenient way for people to travel around the city. The service will also help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

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