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Transfers & Posting of Police officials

Jharsuguda: The Jharsuguda district police have been reshuffled, with 14 inspectors being transferred to new positions.

The following is a list of the new postings:

  • Swapnarani Gochhayat is the new Inspector-in-Charge (IIC) of Jharsuguda Sadar police station.
  • Surubabu Chhatria is the new IIC of the Airport police station.
  • Dilip Behra is the new IIC of Laikera police station.
  • Kamal Lochan Behra is the new IIC of the Rengali police station.
  • Rosalin Patel is the new IIC of the Orient police station.
  • Krishna Chandra Meher is the new IIC of the Belpahar police station.
  • Ranjit Naik is the new IIC of Banharpali police station.
  • Ranjan Bariha is the new IIC of the Jharsuguda police station.
  • Prakash Karanna is the new IIC of Kolabira police station.
  • Yoshabanta Narayan Pradhani is the new Inspector DSRB of the headquarters.
  • Biral Chandra Sahis is the new Inspector IUSW.
  • Ignis Barla and Amitabh Panda are the new Inspector Headquarters.
  • Yogeshwar Dandsena is the new Inspector of IAACHTU.

The reshuffle is part of a routine exercise to improve the efficiency of the police force and to provide fresh leadership to different police stations. The new officers have been hand-picked for their experience and skills, and they are expected to improve the performance of their respective police stations.

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