Matriculation Exam to Have Single Year-End Assessment in New Pattern

Cuttack: The Board of Secondary Education recently announced plans for the 2024 entrance exams, introducing some important changes to the existing two-year model. During a press conference held at council headquarters, board president Ramashish Hazra provided details on the changes and what they mean for high school and college students.

Traditionally, the two-year registration exam includes two annual summative assessments (SA-1 and SA-2) due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the board has decided to replace the two year system with a single entrance exam held at the end of the school year which is the traditional testing method in the odia average entrance exam.

Although the SA-1 and SA-2 exams have been phased out, the board will continue to conduct the four internal assessments (process assessments) that have been conducted in the past two years. These internal assessments, namely FA-1, FA-2, FA-3 and FA-4, have proven effective in assessing student progress throughout the school year and will always be a integral part of the evaluation framework.

Under the revised exam model, the internal assessments and an aspiration component will be merged from the previous year. This means that the four process assessments and aspiration factors will be combined, allowing students to express their overall achievement and potential holistically.

The final exam this year will have a weight of 100 points. To determine a student’s final score, 20% of the points will be awarded based on the results of the internal assessment, while the remaining 80% will come from the year-end exam. This balanced approach recognizes the value of ongoing assessment and comprehensive testing, providing students with a fair representation of their academic achievement.

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