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Naveen Patnaik urges voters to bless Deepali Das for Jharsuguda by-election

Jharsuguda: The Jharsuguda by-election is underway, and the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) candidate, Deepali Das, has received support from the party’s supremo, Naveen Patnaik. Speaking at an election rally in Amilipalli, Naveen Patnaik urged the people to support Deepali Das, whom he referred to as a “daughter of Jharsuguda.”

Naveen Patnaik expressed his concern for Deepali Das, saying that the opposition party had mistreated her, just as they had mistreated Barsha Singh Bariha who lost her father in Padmapur. He called for Deepali to be given the opportunity to serve and expressed confidence in her abilities, citing her education and interest in social service.

Naba Kishore Das, Deepali’s father, was an able and popular leader who had significantly contributed to the development of Jharsuguda. Despite his passing, Naveen Patnaik assured the people that Naba Das’s legacy would not be forgotten and that his daughter was ready to take up the mantle of public service.

Naveen Patnaik also spoke about the importance of respecting mothers and emphasized that the BJD believed in the development of mothers, farmers, youth power, and brotherhood. He urged the people to believe in Jharsuguda’s development potential, stating that it could become the number one industrial city with the right support.

Finally, Naveen Patnaik appealed to everyone to maintain peace during the elections, emphasising the importance of conducting a fair and peaceful election process. Overall, Naveen Patnaik’s speech conveyed a message of hope and positivity, urging the people to support Deepali Das and work towards the development of Jharsuguda.

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